George Martorano Has Been Added as a Featured Speaker to the TEDxPenn at the University of PA

George Martorano, self-taught prolific writer, poet, educator, and mentor is appearing as a featured speaker tomorrow, April 10, during the TEDxPenn event hosted at the University of Pennsylvania. Martorano, who was recently released from prison after serving a ridiculous 32-year sentence for a non-violent offense without a chance for parole, endured one of the saddest tragedies ever handed down in the American justice system. - Event is open to the public.

TEDxPenn announced today that Philadelphia native, George Martorano has been added as a featured speaker to the list of some of the brightest, most inspiring and engaging business leaders, professionals, students and alumni, who are reshaping some of today’s thought-provoking ideas and newest possibilities, bringing eureka moments that pioneer our society.

Martorano, who was recently released from prison, intends on sharing his inspiring message of hope, even where there was none.

"No matter what you are going through in life, there is always hope, never surrender, never give up".

George Martorano, Speaker

While serving time as an exemplary prisoner, Martorano helped prevent a plane hijacking of prisoners. During his incarceration, he graduated over 8000 student prisoners in lifestyle change classes. 2016 is a very important year especially as a prelude to an election year, where our justice system needs to be addressed in campaign topics.  Today, Martorano remains focused on spreading his message of hope and introducing successful re-entry programs for non-violent offenders.

Martorano is a writer/author with published works online who looks forward to penning his fascinating life story to be played out on the big screen one day. From LaFamilia, to the godson of Angelo Bruno to the stiffest penalty ever handed down to a non-violent offender to a writer, teacher, coach & humanitarian.   

About TEDxPenn – The program is designed to help communities, organizations and individuals to spark conversation and connection through local TED-like experiences. 

About George Martorano - George Martorano @ Writer. When sentenced to life in prison without parole, George Martorano did not give up. He graduated over 8,000 inmates during his 27 years in prison and taught them how to start a business.

Why you should listen - George Martorano is a self-taught prolific writer, poet, educator, and mentor. While in prison, he taught inmates yoga, prevented the hijacking of an aircraft by inmates, started a creative writing course, authored 31 books, pioneered a prison course called Release Preparation: Starting a Business for Under $1,000, among others. Thus, George became a role model and a positive influence in the Federal Bureau of Prisons.

Released in October 2015 under the Department of Justice’s Compassionate Release program, George is the longest incarcerated non-violent offender. He has been featured in Philly Mag and Salem News and is now sought out to be featured by the United Nations. He resides in Philadelphia and continues to write and inspire others.

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